Weight is the most important factor for fuel economy in boats. Crusing boats usually have poor fuel economy, under 2 miles per gallon, hence they usually only report fuel usage in gallons per hour to hide the poor economy. See http://www.boattest.com/ for various fuel economy figures. 


Pontoon boats are very light catamarans for their size and capacity because they use the cylindrical shape for strength and rigidity, thereby minimizing the need for more weight and cost of aluminum. 25ft, 25 in. diameter, pair of pontoons only weight 500lbs. 




Manufacturing defect warranty 5 years on aluminum and welding on the pontoon tubes. Pontoons made from 50xx aluminum, built for salt water. However, damage from corrosion and salt water is excluded from the warranty due to the risk of inadequate galvanic protection with sacrificial anodes.  

See this site for additional information on how to protect your boat from saltwater corrosion. http://www.boatingmag.com/boats/protecting-aluminum-boats-salt-water-corrosion

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This is a video on how Qwest Pontoons are made


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Pictures show most of deck bracing installed on the 25 footer. I have the remaining x-members and will install before sale. 0.090" thickness aluminum is normal gauge for this size pontoons. Built by professional pontoon company in Minnesota--quality construction and welds. Have live/well pump/depth-fish.finder tabs on both 25 ft pontoons. Lifting/mooring eyes on both ends of 25 ft pontoons and front of 19 ft ones. Check out my trailer website WORDBoats 2016 Venture Galvanized Trailer with 4 disk brakes. $3950 includes pvc bunk covers, led lights, spare tire and mount, 5200# boat capacity. We can build any length from 18-30 ft with whatever you want: deck, flooring, fence/rail, motor pods ($750.00), steering consoles, raised front deck for better big wave handling like the EcoCruiser boat that got us into this, or add low profile cabin[s], We can build to any completion level. Shop rate $60/hr. is the lowest around. 23,25,27 in. diameter are with .090 wall thickness and up to 8' sections But 30",36,46" diameter are be done In 6' sections only and wall thickness of .125

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