Sandy (Alex K.)  Williamson - Sandy has a Master''s Degree in Civil Engineering and has designed 2 production Catamaran & Pontoon boats -- the Helicat and the EcoCruiser.
He is a Certified Professional Yacht Broker, a USCG 50-ton Captain and is ASA licensed to teach docking, sailing, cruising and navigation. Sandy has been working on the EcoCruiser idea since he built the first prototype for his family in 2003.
Sandy has sailed and motored for 42+ years since Sandy and his lovely wife Deborah bought their first boat in 1973. They have owned 10 sail boats and 7 powerboats and have chartered 12 others. About half of those were multihulls. They have cruised and boated all over WA, CA, TX, and in the Caribbean, Great Lakes, New England, FL ICW, the Gulf, Sea of Cortez, the English Channel, and the Greek Islands.
They have cruised over 5,000 miles including 2,000 miles of the Great Loop. Sandy has operated over 100 power boats and 40 sail boats up to 50 feet. He has his Coast Guard Captain’s license for 50 ton commercial vessels inland and ASA 205 license to teach sailing, cruising, chartering, and navigation.
He has been teaching sailing since 2011. He has presented at the Seattle boat show in 2010-present.
Sandy retired from 34 years as a Hydrologist with the US Geological Survey in 2010. He managed scientist teams studying regional water problems in California, the Gulf Coast, and Washington. He spent the last 13 years managing a national team that produced the top hit for over 10 years on a Google search for 'water quality data'.
He has worked as a professional and volunteer in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, and Peru.
Sandy’s love for boats and entrepreneurial spirit lead him to shift careers and start his own business selling boats in 2005. Sandy has closed over 350 boat transactions. He has taught Geology at University of Washington Tacoma. Sandy loves to teach and see people expand their horizons. Remember the old adage that if you want to get something done, ask a busy person.
Sandy doesn’t just sell boats in the Pacific Northwest, but specializes in remote sales. Sandy has managed boat transactions in 9 states and many remote locations in Alaska, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Russis and Argentina, including ocean shipping on deck and in containers. 
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Sandy Williamson, Certified Professional Yacht Broker
toll-free USA & Canada 888-387-1963 routed to cell 253-376-8273 Skype: sandy.williamson2
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